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Water Willow by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

In May 1871, William Morris rented Kelmscott Manor, a 17th-century limestone manor house along the Thames near Kelmscott in Oxfordshire, to be a summer escape from London. Rossetti shared the lease, but the house soon became a retreat for Rossetti and Morris’s wife Jane to have a long-lasting and complicated liaison. The two spent an idyllic summer there, with the Morris children, in 1871, while Morris himself travelled to Iceland. Rossetti made a version of Water Willow in coloured chalks at Kelmscott, and then painted the small oil “to fit a beautiful old frame I have”. In the chalk study, Jane holds a pansy, symbol of love and remembrance, rather than the willow branches, a symbol of sorrow and longing, of the final painting. cr: Wikipedia.

Mya Stone

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